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Kat Giblin

Principal/Property Management

Having a real estate professional strive to not only meet your needs, but also make you happy, may sound almost too good to be true.

Thankfully Co-Principal and Business Manager Kat Giblin thrives on the happiness that she brings her clients.

With her exceptional customer service skills and admirable efficiency and problem solving skills, Kat puts clients at ease.

When outsourcing property management to Kat and her team, you’re engaging with someone who prides themselves on their ability to promptly attend to tasks.

Being fastidious is a quality that Kat is proud of – there’s no such thing as being too organised, according to Kat!

With a financial background spanning in excess of 7 years, Kat had already done the groundwork to become someone with comprehensive business and communication skills.

Her positive attitude and sense of calm that she brings to the office contributes to a wonderful balance overall.

“Nothing stresses me out”, asserts Kat, who is also known to be very fair when it comes to liaising with clients and colleagues alike.

Kat loves how real estate as an industry is ever-evolving. She ensures that she makes the most of new opportunities, whilst consistently maintaining a very smoothly-run office environment.

A true advocate for the local area, being a local herself, Kat adores her suburb’s leafy surrounds and abundant wildlife. Kat knows the area like the back of her hand, which in turn assists with effective communication with clients and being extremely community orientated.

You may have seen Kat at CC Hood Reserve, where she enjoys chatting with locals, amongst the four-legged friends who also venture to the park.

Kat also appreciates going to the gym, spending time with her family and turning her hand to amateur photography. Balance is fundamental, and Kat is always refreshed and ready to go at the start of a busy week.

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